Work with Nikki

Thank you for your interest in working with me. Below, you will find information about my ongoing coaching options. I also offer other short-term groups and specialized programs from time to time. Please fill in the form here to join my inner circle and be the first to learn about everything I offer.

If you need something besides what I have listed here, please do contact me. I am happy to customize a program for you. Examples might include shorter laser coaching sessions, virtual or in-person VIP days, or even more specific writing or marketing related issues.

Visionaries In Partnership Coaching

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If you would like a completely personalized coaching experience where we focus exclusively on you and your agenda in every session, my private VIP coaching may be exactly what you are looking for.
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Creatives in CAHOOTS Group Coaching

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Small group coaching is an excellent way to receive coaching while also having the opportunity to support and be supported by your peers who are working on the same types of goals and challenges as you.
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