Coach Nikki Brown, PCC

Professional coach, mentor and trainer

”Nikki is very easy to open up to, encouraging, humble, fun, playful, and very professional. Whether it’s exploring the deeper areas of life and relationships, discovering what’s holding you back from what you want, or writing that book that’s always been a “someday” thing, Nikki can help you. How do I know? Because she helped me.””

Nathan Kreger
Professional Coach

Coach Nikki Brown, PCC” width=Like tossing pebbles in a pond and causing ripples to spread across the surface of the water, I love empowering leaders who are passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

Over 30 years ago, I received a copy of Zig Ziglar’s book, See You at the Top, and that began my own journey of personal growth. It’s been a long road full of learning opportunities including a career in occupational therapy, a marriage of 30+ years (yes, to the same man), successfully home schooling 2 amazing adult children, and community leadership with both youth and adults.

Now, as a professional coach, mentor, and trainer, I help coaches and other creative leaders sharpen their skills, increase their confidence, and make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am a coach instructor, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, and am a certified member of the John Maxwell Team. I’m also a Toastmaster and a huge word nerd who enjoys encouraging creative leaders who want to inspire or entertain others by sharing their message through writing and speaking.

Something unique about me is that I am totally out of sight—AKA blind. This means I’ve had to learn how to find creative solutions to challenges throughout my life, but this has been good training for me as a coach. I now help others see new perspectives and find creative solutions of their own. My eyesight might be impaired, but my vision and insight are quite keen.