girl giving a book to a guySaying the word, “marketing” will usually trigger the fight or flight instinct in most of us. It seems that even though we love what we do and may even believe passionately in the value our work can have for others, we somehow get tongue-tied or bashful when it comes to actually letting other people know how they can get what we have to offer. We just want to do what we love and don’t want to get our hands dirty with that nasty little “s” word. You know the one I mean: selling.

So, we don’t want to market or sell, yet we do want people to buy this amazing creative work that we have invested so much of our time and resources in, that we have fussed and fretted over, that we have literally poured our soul into, right? We want our work to inspire people, to entertain them, to educate them or to make a difference in their lives in some way, yet we seem to find every possible excuse that will keep us from having to reach out and make connections with those who might just be interested in what we are selling. After all, Mama always told us not to toot our own horn, didn’t she?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? How would it change things for you and your bottom line if you were able to see marketing in a different way?? This really is just a mindset shift that I’m hoping this article from Tim Grahl will help you understand.

Here’s what Tim says.

The Connection System – Book Marketing 101


Here’s my definition of “marketing:”

  • 1) The act of creating long-lasting connections with people, and then
  • 2) Being relentlessly helpful.

That’s it.

What I’ve seen over ten years working with authors is that if you do those two things, then you are going to succeed. Everything I teach in this article and anywhere else comes back to this basic definition of marketing. We’re always trying to create long-lasting connections with people, and then once we have those connections, we do everything we can to add value to their lives.
That doesn’t seem so bad right?

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Tim’s system of outreach, content and permission makes so much sense to me. How about you? How do you think this might help you with your marketing? What other questions do you have? Leave your questions or comments below, and I will make sure you get a personal reply.