Marnie Ewing

I’ve been working with Nikki Brown in her capacity as mentor coach for over four months now. The process has been extremely valuable in that I have been able to gain new awareness, develop new behaviors, and also see my confidence grow as a coach – as well as my skills! Nikki is a very insightful coach, a great listener and a gifted teacher. I know that she is invested in my development and that she cares deeply. I would highly recommend Nikki as a mentor coach.

Marnie Ewing, marnieewingconsulting.com

Lucy Qian

I approached Nikki for mentoring on my coaching skills during the establishing of my coaching business. I needed to know where my coaching was and where exactly I could improve my skills so that I could deliver even more valuable experience to my clients. Nikki examined my recorded sessions line by line and provided accurate and constructive feedback, with which I was able to see my patterns that would lead me to pitfalls. Nikki’s sessions were highly reflective. She did not just tell me what’s to be improved, but also coached me to learn what’s holding me back. By the end of the mentoring series, I was not only more confident about my own coaching and saw myself be able to go deep with clients, but also landed several new clients with the feedback Nikki gave on my initial conversations with prospect clients! I would recommend Nikki to anyone who’s serious about enhancing their coaching skills.

Lucy Qian, www.clearnesscoaching.com

Kay Coughlin

I have been working with Nikki as my mentor coach for several months now. I initially hired Nikki simply to help me prepare for my ICF accreditation process. What I didn’t realize is that her expert mentoring is actually helping me to become a better coach, period. When I compare my skills before and after working with Nikki, I can see a remarkable improvement. And honestly, I thought I was pretty good before! Nikki is smart, wise, experienced, kind, and she knows when to be gentle and when to push a little. Hiring Nikki is one of the best investments I’ve made so far in my business and in my ability to serve my clients with excellence.

Kay Coughlin, facilitatoronfire.net

Vicki Kramer Nathan

While Nikki Brown’s official ICF designation is currently PCC, in my opinion, she facilitates her mentor call on the level of MCC. Her group mentor program offers a supportive environment rich in exploration, inquiry, and experiential learning. Each call is designed to include real-time coaching, coaching questions brought in by the participating coaches, impactful shares, and a deep dive into the ICF competencies. In summary, Nikki’s skills of mentoring and facilitation are delivered in a setting of professionalism, direct communication, and kindness.

Vicki Kramer Nathan, MFA, ACC, CAPP

Audette Sophia

Nikki is a fantastic coach I have worked with for over 10 years as I & my businesses have evolved. She asks great questions that nudge me forward & is supportive in every way, including giving me gentle challenges when needed. I’m so lucky to have her & you would be wise to have her on your team as well.

Audette Sophia, Catalyst Arts

Glennette Goodbread

Nikki, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I am being blessed by your coaching services. You are causing me to think in ways I don’t normally think and holding me accountable for what I say I am going to do. You’re not pushy in any way and you definitely don’t come across as judgmental or anything like that. I can see this relationship lasting long into the future! Thank you for all you are doing to help me stay focused and step out in faith.

Glennette Goodbread, Premium Web Development

Nathan Kreger

Nikki is very easy to open up to, encouraging, humble, fun, playful, and very professional. Whether it’s exploring the deeper areas of life and relationships, discovering what’s holding you back from what you want, or writing that book that’s always been a ‘someday’ thing, Nikki can help you. How do I know? Because she helped me.

Nathan Kreger, www.nathankreger.com

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve wrapped up my 6 weeks of coaching with Nikki. Thank you for the opportunity to experience life coaching. It was very enjoyable. These past weeks have been enlightening for me as well. Nikki has helped me discover new things about myself and pinpoint areas of internal strength. She inspired and motivated me each week. Nikki was great and I am blessed to have had heard as a life coach. Thanks again and all the best.


The Life and Business coaching that I have been receiving from Nikki has been wonderful. I was going through so many different things that just kept piling up on me. I didn’t realize how far I was sinking until I began experiencing depression. Being able to lay out my life and see it for what it is has helped me to see where I need work and what I need to cut out. My depression is going away. I have more energy and I am more focused on what I need to accomplish. I am so grateful for the change that has come over me. Thank you, Nikki!!

Lisa Satterwhite

I was unfamiliar with the power of coaching until I started working  with Nikki. Unlike the traditional therapy model I was familiar with, Nikki is skilled at listening and repeating back the essence of my words, while asking me questions that continue to have me in the seat of decision making. I’m always the one in the kayak heading down the river, but through her caring, non-judgmental, and non-rescue dialogue, I never get her in the kayak with me. She clearly guides me from that place of inner knowing, and because of that skill, I never feel forced or obligated to do something I may otherwise do given my history with  therapists. My experience with therapists has often been about leading me into  decisions I’ve not had enough time to adopt well. So, wanting to please the therapist, I have chosen steps that haven’t felt right and I paid for them. Contrastingly, coaching with Nikki, which happens on the phone  once a week, has been about honoring MY journey through listening and feeding back the  essence of what I’ve said. I can sit in silence. I’m asked to feel in my body how one choice vs another feels. Working with Nikki and the coaching model has been time well spent. No judgment, no advising, no counseling. This work is powerful because I’m in charge, she’s skilled at feeding back what I’m saying, and she offers only questions to help me navigate my own path. I have been able to move through some tough places with Nikki. She’s a skilled listener, and she’s a trusting voice. I never thought work like this could be done on the phone from points far away but they sure can!

Callie Warner, Callie Metal Design on Alignable