Creative Life Coaching

Creative Life Coaching is for adventurers seeking greater clarity and confidence on their journey.

Whatever your quest, the journey can get long and difficult sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges or even to take a wrong turn as you go. That’s where having a guide at your side can be helpful.

My Creative life coaching is completely focused on you and your agenda. We work together to find creative solutions and help you gain valuable insight from both your successes and your challenges. As we work together, you won’t just be gathering more knowledge about how to do things, you will learn to understand yourself and what is getting in your way so you can start making real progress.

No matter what kind of creative work you do, it is always easier and more energizing with a guide at your side. Whether you want to finish a rough draft, write copy for your website, craft a signature speech, balance your freelance career with your family or just learn how to get in the creative zone, working with me will empower you to:

  • Get your projects done faster
  • Stay on track and avoid shiny object syndrome
  • Break through creative blocks
  • Create a life and/or business you love
  • Build your support systems
  • Express yourself authentically and confidently
  • Have more fun!

My ideal VIP coaching clients are those who are ready to take action and make significant progress on their goals. They are willing to think out of the box and try new approaches. They want to make a difference and are willing to step up to the plate and take a stand for themselves and their big vision.

Lucia Csoma

My experience with Nikki as a coach was truly transformative. Nikki possesses an incredible depth in her coaching approach, ensuring that no stone is unturned. She holds you accountable in the most supportive way, pushing you beyond your comfort zones but never letting you feel overwhelmed. Her patience is commendable; she guides you through your journey with a gentle but firm hand, making every session insightful. I gained invaluable insights not just on a personal level but also learned immensely about the art of coaching itself. Nikki’s skill in unlocking potential is remarkable. For anyone looking to grow and learn in a meaningful way, I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough. She’s a game-changer in the truest sense.

Lucia Csoma, Lucia Csoma Coaching

How Coaching With Me Works

  • Easy to attend 1-on-1 sessions via Zoom or telephone
  • Weekly or biweekly sessions scheduled at a time convenient for you
  • Completely personalized coaching focusing on exactly what you need in each session
  • Includes access to me between sessions via email

Current Rates

3 Month Package


Weekly sessions for three months, perfect to make significant progress on a goal or life change.

4 Session Package


Perfect for a taster or short-term goal and support. Sessions may be used weekly or biweekly.

Audette Sophia

Nikki is a fantastic coach I have worked with for over 10 years as I & my businesses have evolved. She asks great questions that nudge me forward & is supportive in every way, including giving me gentle challenges when needed. I’m so lucky to have her & you would be wise to have her on your team as well.

Audette Sophia, Catalyst Arts

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Ready to Get Started?

If having a guide at your side sounds good to you, let’s talk. Book your free 30 minute discovery session. There’s no hype and no obligation. Let’s find out if we would be a good fit to continue your journey together.