VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching

For visionaries who are ready to take serious action to achieve specific goals.
You know what you want even if you do not quite know how to get there yet. This VIP (Visionaries in Partnership) program is completely focused on you and your agenda.

No matter what kind of writing you need to do, it is always easier and more energizing with a guide at your side. Whether you want to finish a book manuscript, write copy for your website, start a blog, balance your freelance writing career with your family or just learn how to get in the creative zone and write with a purpose, working with me will empower you to:

  • Get your projects done faster.
  • Stay on track and avoid shiny object syndrome.
  • Break through writer’s block.
  • Write well while also living well.
  • Build your support systems.
  • Have more fun!

My ideal VIP coaching clients are those who are ready to take action and make significant progress on their goals. They are willing to think out of the box and try new approaches. They want to make a difference and are willing to step up to the plate and take a stand for themselves and their big vision.

Here’s how it works.

  • easy to attend 1 on 1 sessions via Zoom or in my telephone conference room
  • weekly sessions scheduled at a time convenient for you
  • completely personalized coaching focusing on exactly what you need in each session
  • Includes access to me between sessions via email as well as other VIP perks



$1,500 for 3 full months of weekly private coaching sessions.
May be paid in 3 equal installments of $500.
If paid in full prior to starting your coaching.
* All sessions are payable in advance.

Here’s how to get started.

When you are ready, I’d love to talk with you and see if we would make a good team to work together and help you reach your goals. Please book a free 30 minute discovery session. That way, we can get introduced and find out how we can collaborate to make your creative visions a reality.