VIP Mentor Coaching

VIP Mentor Coaching is for adventurous coaches and coach trainees who are ready to grow!

If you are a new or experienced coach on a quest to

  • Sharpen your coaching skills
  • Earn an ACC or PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation
  • Overcome burnout with your coaching business
  • Enjoy your clients more
  • Increase your confidence
  • Get down-to-earth support for your coaching practice

This could be just what you’ve been searching for.

No matter what kind of coaching you do, it is always nice to know you have a guide at your side who can help with client challenges, answer coaching related questions, and give feedback on your coaching. working with me will empower you to:

  • Confidently embrace your role as a coach
  • Understand and incorporate the core coaching competencies
  • Navigate the ICF credentialing process
  • Experience more impactful and transformative coaching sessions
  • Tackle your own personal challenges so you can serve your clients better
  • Have more fun with your coaching

I mentor coaches who are seeking to earn or to renew an ACC or PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation. If you are looking for foundational coach education, I am pleased to be an instructor for the laser-focused coaching program from Life Coaching Group. I highly encourage you to check it out, even if you are already coaching.

How Mentoring With Me Works

My individual mentor coaching can be very flexible to fit your specific needs and schedule. For instance, you may want to discuss specific client challenges or practice a particular skill on the call with me. Or, you may want to send in a recorded session ahead of time for detailed feedback as you work toward your coaching credential.

If you are looking for group mentor coaching, I do offer that from time to time. My next group mentoring program will be Thursday evenings in March 2022. I can also highly recommend the group mentoring offered by Marion Franklin, MCC. Check it out here.

Current Rates

3 session package – $575
Includes 1 session without a call evaluation (so we can get an overview of your challenges and questions) and 2 sessions with detailed feedback on your recorded coaching sessions.

1 60 minute session without a call recording evaluation – $175
For these sessions, you will bring your specific questions and challenges to the call for us to discuss.

1 60 minute session including a call recording evaluation – $225
Before these sessions, you will send me a call recording and a transcript which I will evaluate. We will then spend our time together going over the call in detail.

I’m happy to customize a package for you, so please let me know if there is something else you need.
* All sessions are payable in advance.

How to Get Started

If having a guide at your side sounds good to you, let’s talk. Book your free 30 minute discovery session. There’s no hype and no obligation. Let’s find out if we would be a good fit to continue your journey together.