Wednesday Writers’ Whatchamacallit

Welcome! The Wednesday Writers’ Whatchamacallit is a weekly virtual meeting for writers of all genres and all ability levels who like having fun and are looking for an easy way to connect with kindred spirits. Hosted each Wednesday by the Authors Ally, Nikki Brown, meetings are open to writers of all types: fiction and non-fiction, pros and novices alike.

We meet almost every Wednesday for a mid-week dose of encouragement and inspiration, a chance to learn something new, and opportunities to flex our writing muscles. There’s always great discussion mixed with a lot of laughter.

Jen Hardy

Nikki I just wanted to say thank you for including me in this group. It is amazing! I’ve gotten more done in the last few months than I did in the last three years, with a plan to do even more in the coming year.

Jen Hardy,

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Our next Whatchamacallit meeting will be
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
We begin at 12 PM Eastern/11 AM Central/10 AM Mountain/9 AM Pacific, and we usually meet for 60-75 minutes.

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More About Nikki

Nikki Brown is a life coach with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a passion for good stories.

Nikki BrownOver the years, Nikki has progressed from reading the encyclopedia for fun to writing web copy and doing a little freelancing. Many years ago, she joined her local writers guild to support her teenage daughter’s love of creative writing and found kindred spirits with others who enjoyed discussing things like sentence structure and correct comma usage.

For many years, Nikki has helped writers learn how to connect with readers online, but her real calling is coaching writers to help them learn how to break through the roadblocks getting in the way of reaching their goals.

You can learn more about Nikki and her work by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the Wednesday Writers’ Whatchamacallit, please feel free to contact Nikki here.