Think you aren't good enough?Do you ever think you aren’t good enough to do (fill in the blank)? If you don’t, I’d love to know your secret! This is such a common belief among creative solopreneurs such as writers, authors, speakers, artists, etc. Since we don’t always have “peer pressure” or a boss who will force us out of our comfort zones, we have to gather our own courage and resolve to make decisions and take action that will push us forward. If we buy into the idea that we aren’t good enough, it can lead to procrastination, confusion and even self-sabotage that can ultimately torpedo our business success.

What to do when you think you aren’t good enough.

If you need a little encouragement in this area today, I think you’ll enjoy reading this fantastic article by Marc Chernoff. He offers a helpful exercise to try and remind us of 20 things to remember when self-doubt starts to creep in. #2 and #4 in this article especially speak to me.

Which of the 20 ideas mentioned in the article are most helpful to you? Leave a comment below and let me know