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You’ve had a taste of success and you want more. You know to expand your reach and make a bigger difference in people’s lives, you need to connect with your audience online. But this whole internet technology thing has you frustrated, flummoxed and maybe even foaming at the mouth. Yuck!

  • AMake Changes Not Excuses copyre you ready to finally take charge of your online presence and get it whipped into shape?
  • Want to finally make some genuine business connections with real people online? (Hint, it’s not all about business.)
  • Are you willing to step into your big girl (or big boy) boots, kick your perfectionism to the curb and take purposeful action so you can get out there and serve the people who need what you have to offer?


Your Message Matters!

Please don’t let technology glitches, self-defeating beliefs or indecision about the “right” thing to do prevent you from stepping up to the challenge and expanding your reach. Practical help and support are right here waiting for you.


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